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About This Project

Two Vegas posters, one for each gender depicting a Vegas visitor who has had enough of the fun and realized that it has all gone on the credit card, lots of fun with little regard to the horrible exchange rates and massive interest; convenience at great cost.

The simple difference between the Nour extra 3% (on average) and what you will pay using a credit card will easily yield a difference large enough for a nice dinner for two in Vegas, or a helicopter tour of the grand canyon, or more than what a typical couple spends on gambling over 5 days, multiple Vegas shows, a hockey game. In Vegas, this list is almost endless, so treat yourself to something big and use Nour American Dollars, not your credit card!

Calculations based on the average daily food expenses of two (2) people staying five (5) hotel nights ($130 per night) on The Strip (source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority), including an average of at least one (1) show ($205), food ($450), shopping ($320), gambling ($400), local transportation ($150), sightseeing ($275) with all trip costs paid for by credit card at a rate of 18% / year; the currency exchange savings are easily north of $100, the extra interest of approx. $400 (sample interest based on 16 payments at $250 / month), for a total savings of $500. Check out our Las Vegas Travel page for more ideas of activities you can pay for with the savings that come from using Nour Exchange for your American Dollar currency exchange.