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Scuba Diving, Puffin and Seal watching on the Farne Islands

The Farne Islands are a group of islands off the coast of Northumberland, England. Local tour boats are licensed to take passengers to a limited number of landing locations due to environmental protection rules, including Farne, Staple Island and the Longstone.

The other islands are prohibited from visiting. Over 150,000 pairs of breeding Puffins descend on the Farne Islands each year, along with a large colony of about 6,000 grey seals, with several hundred pups born from September to November.

Arctic Terns nest close to the paths and will attack visitors. There is also a substantial rabbit population. which were introduced for their meat and have since flourished. Rabbit and puffin populations use the same burrows at different times, but the puffins will chase out any rabbits during mating and nesting.

In addition to being an excellent location to watch birds, the Farne Islands are popular with scuba divers, with something available for all skill levels. There are a number of wrecks to explore, including the Chris Christenson, a Danish steamer that sank on 16 February 1915 and rests at about 100 feet. The Abessinia, a 453 foot German steamship that sank on 3 September 1921 and rests at about 50 feet. The Brittania, a 210 foot British cargo / passenger steamship that sank on 25 September 1915 and rests in about 50 feet of water. Also, the St Andre was a French steamship carrying iron and sank on 28 October 1908 and lies at about 65 feet.

Boat trips are available and the savings you’ll receive from using Nour will cover the cost of the boat ride for one person to the Islands.

Go to the beaches in the Scilly Isles

Yep, England has beaches. And palm trees. And crystal clear water. And you can find this at St. Martin’s, and with the famous red and white Daymark erected in 1683, it is the first island you reach when coming from the mainland.

With one of the finest beaches in the the world, this enchanting locale includes a rich and diverse ecological environment, evoking sights and sounds more commonly found on the islands in the Caribbean.

The few local inhabitants offer a number of activities and services, including a flower farm, vineyard, dive school, snorkeling, jewellery designer and a bakery. This is only one of a number of islands in the group, each with its own individual activities and charm.

Jack-The-Ripper Walking Tour

Walk the streets of Whitechapel, in the footsteps of one of the most famous serial killers of all time, with walking tours provided by some of the most accredited historians on the subject.

For more information, check out the tour. Using Nour to exchange your currency for Pounds will yield a difference large enough to pay for this walking tour for two people.

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* Based on a typical trip to the UK for two (2) adults for 9 (8) nights including food, entertainment, local travel, ave. $1,500 CDN.