Posters, Three Percent
About This Project

The next in our “3% Is A Lot!” campaign, it’s the first in our vintage comic poster series with this, the Halloween poster.

In our continued effort to present interesting, and, often scary but true statistics to support our currency exchange marketing posters, we’re finding that certain themes and events can make this a considerable challenge, not to mention how to evoke any emotion out of it using visuals. We were just as shocked as you may be now, to discover that 3% of Canadians “believe somewhat” in Zombies. In the interest of transparency, it is actually women who are behind this number, but if you are a woman and a little embarrassed by this, fear not, 8% of men “believe somewhat” in Zombies. Even more surprisingly, and in the interest of equality, 2% of each gender “believe completely” in Zombies!

We also discovered that 3% of men are “very afraid” of clowns, but after some research, it turns out that this can be a serious and valid psychological condition, and it felt cruel to make light of it. I think you’ll agree with us that teasing the belief in Zombies is fair game.

If you would like to discover other interesting Halloween statistics, you can read the PDF here.